Eco Schools

Eco-Schools Action Plan Moor Hall Primary School
Date Action Plan was developed:       October - November 2013
Action Plan developed by:                   Miss Highfield and Eco-Council Members (Joshua, Charlotte (Y1), Maddie, Sammy (Y2), Tamsin, Luca (Y3), Sidnie, Max (Y4), Samhita, Jacob (Y5), Beth and Jake (Y6).
Topic Action Target / Measure Timescale / Deadline Responsibility Evaluation of action /
Actual result achieved
General whole school impact Increase whole school profile of eco-committee and environmental issues. Set up and maintain Eco-Council notice board in prominent place in school. 
Identify/instate members as Eco-Council (Eco Warriors).
Eco-Council to conduct an Environmental Review of our school.
Eco-Council to devise an action plan after conducting Environmental review.
Eco-Council to create an Eco-Code to be displayed in all classrooms around school and on the display.
Hold an Eco assembly to raise the profile of Eco-Council and increase awareness of environmental issues raised in review and outline the aims of our action plan.
December 2013.
October 2013.
October 2013.
November 2013.
December 2013.
December 2013.
Miss Highfield and Eco-Council.
Miss Highfield
Miss Highfield and Eco-Council members.
Miss Highfield and Eco-Council members.
Eco-Council members.
Miss Highfield and Eco-Council members.
October 2013.
October 2013.
November 2013.
Turn classroom lights off when not in use.
Turn IWB’s off when teachers are not using them.
Put computers on sleep mode in ICT suite when not in use.
Found that we are wasting energy by leaving lights and computers on so we must encourage all pupils and staff to turn them off!  On going. Each class to have a light monitor so that they can turn off the lights when classroom is not in use.
Class teacher’s to turn off IWB when they are not in use – children to remind teacher’s if teacher’s forget.
Water Pupils need to inform Eco-Council members of leaky taps.  Eco-Council must then report issues to caretaker on Eco-Council display board through the written communication note pad. To have no taps leaking in both KS1 and KS2 toilets.
On going. All pupils must report leaking taps to Eco-Council.  Eco-Council must then inform caretaker through note pad on Eco-Council display.  
Litter All rubbish at playtimes to be thrown in the rubbish bins. No litter or rubbish on KS1 and KS2 playgrounds.
Purchase of litter picking equipment and organisation of weekly litter picking rota for all classes (Prize for class which collects the most bags).
On going.
December 2013.
All pupils are responsible for throwing away their own litter.  However, if anyone see’s litter on the playground, it is everyone’s duty and responsibility (Eco-Council to monitor) to pick it up and throw it in the bin.  
Waste To recycle our food waste and to turn into compost where possible. KS1 children to have a special bin for afternoon playtimes where they throw their waste fruit into.  This bill will then be emptied by KS2 Eco-Councillors into the compost bin we have in the secret garden (this will also benefit Bird Club). On going. All KS1 children must ensure they are throwing their fruit into the correct waste bin.  KS2 Eco-Council members must then ensure that this is emptied into the compost bin in the secret garden at least once or twice a week.  
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