School Meals

Moor Hall Primary school is committed to offering our children healthy school meals.  We strongly encourage children to have a school meal every day. Not only does this provide vital sustenance to maintain energy levels but it also encourages the children to start to make independent healthy choices (your children will soon be demanding their “five a day”).  Younger children are helped by both the kitchen staff and the lunchtime supervisors, who encourage them to choose and eat a balanced meal and help them to cut up food where needed.

School lunches are only £2.40 per day.

Our current menu can be found at the bottom of this page.

Free School MealsIs your child eligible for Free School Meals?

There is a simple online process for claiming Free School Meals. Further help can be found in the user guide and the on line application is on the link below:


Our healthy meals include:

  • Daily salad bar with a wide selection of vegetables, fruit, pastas, tortillas and bread

  • Freshly baked baguettes for sandwiches which are available with the vegetables of the day as well as the salad bar

  • Good quality, fresh meat not processed  meat

  • Home made sauces for pasta and chicken that include “hidden” fruit and vegetables

  • Puddings also have “hidden” fruit eg purees

  • Cheese and biscuits available as alternative to pudding

  • Pure fruit juices and cordials served in addition to water

Foods are never fried and salt and sugar intake are heavily controlled.

For the smaller number of children not taking up school meals, we operate a healthy lunchbox scheme where children are actively discouraged from bringing sugary drinks, crisps and chocolate.

download our current dinner menus:

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