As the end of the school year draws near, we would be looking forward to our annual Inter House Sports Day, but as we find ourselves in these unusual times, unfortunately, Sports Day, as we know it, will be unable to take place.

However, as Sports Day is a highlight of the year for many children, parents and staff we have been working on a way to make Sports Day happen.  This year we will be holding a Virtual Interhouse Sports Week.

Below you will find a list of challenges the staff have set for you.  There are 18 Challenges and I suggest you take on 3 or 4 each afternoon this week. Each challenge lasts 1 minute.  Once completed please send your results back to us using the online entry form available on this page by 12.00 Monday 13th July.

Before starting your virtual sports week activities, you might like to take a look at our wonderful Moor Hall staff demonstrating the challenges set for you.

Mums, Dads, Carers if you would like to join in your very welcome just fill out a separate on-line entry form and send it back to us.

Result will be announced on Thursday 16th July on the school website.

We appreciate that these are challenging times and everyone has access to different equipment in their homes.  We have, therefore, tried to choose challenges which require little or no equipment, and equipment that can easily be replaced with household items.  Please don’t hesitate to make any equipment replacements you see fit in order for it to work best for you.

Please remember your house team spirit.  It would be lovely if you dressed in your house colours.  If you happen to take any pictures you can share them with us on Friday afternoon either on the class email or Twitter @moorhallprimary and #virtualsportsday.

Armstrong – Yellow
Bolt – Green
Cadbury – Blue
Ennis - Red
Good luck, have fun and stay safe!

Entry Form
Download and print this tracking sheet if it will help:  Word Version  PDF Version
On your marks …. Set …. Go!!!!!!!

Please only submit 1 entry per person.  Keep track of your scores during the week ahead and submit your best scores in one go before the deadline!


Moor Hall 2020 Virtual Sports Day Challenges

1. Tin Target Wickets: Place 3 tins/bottles/wickets/ next to each other, then from the year number they are in metres away (e.g. year one, 1metre away, year five, 5 metres away) bowl a tennis ball/rolled up socks. How many times can you hit the wickets in a minute?
2. Rainbow Catches:  Use a tennis ball or pair of rolled up socks or bag of crisps. Throw from right hand to left hand to right hand to left hand continuously for 1 minute – record how many catches you do in the minute.
3. Egg Less and Spoon: Place two markers 5 metres apart, then balance a tennis ball on a bat (or frying pan and an orange). How many times can you go round the markers in a minute?
4.  The Big Sock Smash: You will need a laundry basket or box, a frying pan or racket, and lots of rolled up socks. Standing 3 metres away from the basket how many socks can you hit into the basket in 1 minute using the frying pan like a racket?  If the frying pan is too heavy just use your hands as a bat.
5. Skipping: Using a skipping rope or jumper, how many skips can you do in a minute?
6.  Jumper Target: You will need a cone, 3 jumpers and 3 rolled up socks.  Place one jumper flat on the floor 1 metre away (1 point), place a second jumper flat on the floor 2 metres away (2 points), place a third jumper flat on the floor 3 metres away (3 points). Now throw rolled up socks onto the jumpers. How many points can you get in 1 minute?
7. Jumpers for Goals Penalty Shootout: You will need two jumpers which can represent the goal posts – they should be as far apart as the child is tall x2.  Take 5 strides back away from the goal and place your ball (toilet roll/teddy) how many goals can you score in 1 minute?
8.  Toilet Roll Balance:  Place a new toilet roll on your head.  How many times can you move from standing to kneeling back to standing without the toilet roll falling off your head. You have 1 minute!

9. Toilet Roll Squats:  Stack 4 toilets rolls (so they come just above your knee) to make a tower.  Stand in from the toilet rolls. How many times can you squat so your bottom touches the toilet roll tower in 1 minute?
10.  Tin Tag:  Get 5 tins/cones/sauce bottles /toilet rolls.  Stagger them 2 metres apart over a 5m by 5m area. From the line, tag each cone and run back to the start.  How many cones can you tag in 1 minute?
11. Cereal Jump: 4 boxes of cereal/ hurdles/ stacked toilet rolls placed 1m apart.  Jump/hurdle over the boxes and run back to the start, how many hurdles can you leap in 1 minute?
12.  Toy Shuffle Relay: Collect 4 toys/ bean bags/ packet of crisps.  Place the toys 4 metres apart in a line on the floor. Run to the first toy and back to the start, run to the second toy and back to the start, run to the third toy and back, run to the fourth toy and back to the start … and repeat. How many toys can you tag in 1 minute?
13. Toy Bowling Alley: Collect 15 toys/ tins/cones.  Place in a triangle shape.  From the year number they are in metres away (e.g. year one, 1metre away, year five, 5 metres away) roll a tin/ ball/ bean bag at the toys – remove the first toy the tin hits. How many toys can you remove in a minute?
14. Ball Bounce:  You will need a ball of any type. Stand 1x height of your child from the wall. How many times can you throw the ball at the wall and catch it again in 1 minute?
15. Speed Bounce:  Place 5 toilet rolls next to each other on a flat surface. Keeping your feet together, jump side to side over the toilet rolls. Each time you jump over it counts as 1, how many jumps can you do in 1 minute?
16. Chair Square. Place 4 chairs back facing inwards in a square, how many times can you sit down stand up and move to the next chair in 1 minute?
17. Spiderman Lunges: A Joe Wickes favourite! How many lunges can you do in a minute?  (Dressing up is optional!)
18. Sprints: Place two markers 5x the height of your child. How many times can they sprint there and back in 1 minute?
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