This week we will be saying goodbye to two highly respected members of staff. Miss Jones and Mrs Gregory will be retiring after a cumulative 45 years spent at Moor Hall.

Last Friday we held an afternoon garden party for them. On Thursday morning we will be having a special assembly.



I am pleased to be able to give you an update on the expansion works at school.

Main Block Expansion
On the 3rd June we were handed over the keys to the main building.  All of Balfour Beatty's internal and external work is now complete. We will now spend the next few months installing teaching walls prior to full occupation in September.  The school will officially be opened on 4th October, 2019.  We will be giving the opportunity for all parents to visit once all work has been completed.
EYFS and Main Office Extension
We are continuing to work on developing the outside area and have recently done some planting and the area is starting to look good. We are hoping that during the summer holidays the work will be completed with a pergola/canopy. 

We hope to have new access control to the new office within the next few weeks and anticipate that this will be the school's main entrance at the start of September.

In September Moorhens will have direct access to the ICT suite, an outdoor zone and the chalets.  In the Autumn term we will be working on our new library area.  Once this is complete, this will be another zone that Moorhens will be able to access.

Other Planned Improvements
The existing Year 3 and Year 6 classrooms will be refurbished, along with the library, during next year. These classrooms will become Year 1 for 2020/21.  We have conducted an asbestos survey of these areas and I have detailed the findings and advise in 'news/correspondence'.
Playing Fields
The school playing field is now fully grassed.  We will be removing fencing in a few weeks time, once the grass has settled. 

Kind regards,
Andrew Steggall


School Expansion News Updates

Over the next 18 months we will be updating expansion progress information. There will be at least a fortnightly blog update. You can follow us on Twitter so that you can see how things are progressing as any blogs from our website automatically feed out as a tweet. You can also click here to read all expansion related blog posts in one place!


Staffing arrangements 2019/2020

Class Teacher Teaching Assistant
Ladybirds Mrs Shaw Miss Howis
Butterflies Miss Hoare Mrs Evans
Year 1C Miss Chiswell Mrs Hanlon
Miss Ohren
Year 1M Mrs McCormack
Year 2 Miss Hall Mrs Glare
Mrs Patrick
Year 3 Miss Phillips
Year 4 Miss Hurrell Mrs Russell/Mrs Curwen
Year 5 Mrs Winter/Mrs Winter Mrs Russell
Year 6S Miss Shindler Mrs Patrick
Year 6T Miss Thomas Mrs Curwen



Moor Hall School - Our Vision

The Moor Hall child is a healthy, confident and responsible child whose achievement is the very best it can be.The Moor Hall child is creative, innovative, values and nurtures key transferrable knowledge, skills and attitudes in preparation for an ever changing future.


Moor Hall is a one form entry school, which caters for children from Reception to Year 6. We are a 'small school with a big heart'. We provide a caring, nurturing and supportive environment where children feel safe and happy; ready to learn.

Our pupils enjoy helping each other to learn and play. The school's buddy system and development of playtime pals helps to ensure that children quickly settle into their new school environment.

Our enthusiastic and professional staff provide pupils with a wide range of learning opportunities which help them achieve often outstanding results at KS1 and KS2. We believe that high-quality teaching and learning takes place when stimulating activities are made relevant to the needs and interests of the child. Where possible, children learn out of the classroom. During each year at school, a range of 'outdoor' learning opportunities are planned. We also have 'thematic' weeks and encourage visitors, such as authors, artists and members of the community, to widen the children's learning.

We embrace technology that opens up learning opportunities that are interesting, interactive and enjoyable. Children have access to computers in class and are timetabled to use the school's new ICT suite.

We encourage children to develop responsibility to each other, the environment and the wider community. The school's setting in Mere Green, surrounded by a natural learning environment, means that children can learn about sustainability and gain a sense of community.

Moor Hall has consistently performed well in attempting very high academic standards. Coupled with this we strongly believe in developing the 'whole child' and aim to offer a wide range of learning opportunities so that our children grow in confidence and gain an understanding of the society into which they are growing.

The partnership between parents and school is important to us; we want you to feel staff at the school are approachable so that we can work together for the benefit of your child.



Why not watch a video of Moor Hall School's Road Safety Song:

The Green Cross Code is available by clicking here.


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