Proposed Expansion Update 21/07/17

We have added further information about how you are able to contribute to the planning application process on to our blog. Please note that the planning application is online and closes on 17th August. The planning committee will consider any points made following that date. BCC controls the planning process and information about how you can contact them is also available through our blog.

Proposed Expansion Update Blog
We will use our school's blog to give news updates about the next steps following the adjudicator's report. We will also communicate information through the blog and Twitter... please follow us.

Proposed Expansion Update

The National School’s Adjudicator has approved the proposal to expand Moor Hall Primary School as set out in the proposal made by Birmingham City Council. This is subject to the granting of planning permission for the associated building and other works at the school.
The report is a public document and is on our website under news/correspondence.

This means that the traffic and transport survey will now be considered with the planning application during the next phase of consultation. Once we have received details of timescales and process, we will write to you.
The school will now work with BCC to consider what will happen regarding admissions as we will not know the final decision until the planning consultation has been completed.

Proposed Expansion Update - Transport Statement
Transport Statement and School Travel Plan has been uploaded to our school website under 'correspondence'. The adjudicator has agreed to extend the open period for consultation to 5th May 2017. All relevant nformation, including the draft Travel Plan and the letter from Dr Slater, has been published on the school's website under news/correspondence.

Proposed Expansion of Moor Hall School

Information about our proposal to expand Moor Hall school is available on our website under 'news- correspondence' and also by clicking the link below.

Birmingham City Council Notice of Proposed Expansion


Severe Weather Arrangements

A central decision will be made whether or not to close all schools in the event of heavy snowfall across the whole of the city.  Any decision affecting all schools to close or stay open will be made by 6:45am at the latest, and such blanket decisions will be announced through Radio WM, Heart FM and Free Radio.  We will also post an announcement on the school website.
In the event that this school is not able to comply with a central decision to remain open because of factors unique to the school (e.g. burst pipes, heating failure), we will communicate this to parents as early as possible.  The informal networks set up by groups of parents are also extremely useful in passing information and keeping the school line open for urgent calls.

Please do not send unaccompanied children to school

Moor Hall School - Our Vision

The Moor Hall child is a healthy, confident and responsible child whose achievement is the very best it can be.The Moor Hall child is creative, innovative, values and nurtures key transferrable knowledge, skills and attitudes in preparation for an ever changing future.


Moor Hall is a one form entry school, which caters for children from Reception to Year 6. We are a 'small school with a big heart'. We provide a caring, nurturing and supportive environment where children feel safe and happy; ready to learn.

Our pupils enjoy helping each other to learn and play. The school's buddy system and development of playtime pals helps to ensure that children quickly settle into their new school environment.

Our enthusiastic and professional staff provide pupils with a wide range of learning opportunities which help them achieve often outstanding results at KS1 and KS2. We believe that high-quality teaching and learning takes place when stimulating activities are made relevant to the needs and interests of the child. Where possible, children learn out of the classroom. During each year at school, a range of 'outdoor' learning opportunities are planned. We also have 'thematic' weeks and encourage visitors, such as authors, artists and members of the community, to widen the children's learning.

We embrace technology that opens up learning opportunities that are interesting, interactive and enjoyable. Children have access to computers in class and are timetabled to use the school's new ICT suite.

We encourage children to develop responsibility to each other, the environment and the wider community. The school's setting in Mere Green, surrounded by a natural learning environment, means that children can learn about sustainability and gain a sense of community.

Moor Hall has consistently performed well in attempting very high academic standards. Coupled with this we strongly believe in developing the 'whole child' and aim to offer a wide range of learning opportunities so that our children grow in confidence and gain an understanding of the society into which they are growing.

The partnership between parents and school is important to us; we want you to feel staff at the school are approachable so that we can work together for the benefit of your child.

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