Moorhens Activity Gallery

Spring Term 2 (2019-20): The children were very confident in what they set out to achieve in working towards making a fabulous robot for our theme this term. They spent the last few weeks working with recycled material to build a life size robot to which they named Tin-bot-2.The robot was finally raffled off and Humza from Butterflies was the lucky winner. Well done to all the children who helped contribute to making this robot. Other children built robots from Lego and K-nex and displayed them within the Moorhens room for all to see. This was all from their own imagination or what they could remember from movies. Under the "Moor Hall Child", the achieving and confident child takes the opportunity to learn across the curriculum, in engaging in the opportunity to learn about robotics. Please also take time to look at our presentation to see how robotics are used within the world we live in.
Spring term 1 (2019-20): This was our arts and craft theme this term and over the past 6 weeks the children have built up a lovely under water theme on our ceiling. We have split it into 2 halves, polluted and unpolluted. The responsible child understands the consequences of pollution, but is thoughtful and demonstrates a conscious effort to recycle their rubbish and they achieve this by learning how to keep the world we live in a cleaner and healthier place. This is in keeping with the Moor Hall Child.
Autumn term 2 (2019-20): Children enjoyed decorating Christmas boxes for presents they were making for their mums
Autumn term 2 (2019-20): Children enjoyed making animals and face pictures out of fruit. The best part was they got to eat their art at the end.
Autumn term 2 (2019-20): Children have tasted and learnt about different food from around the world. A board was set up to display their art and information added to explain about the food and where it originated from.
Autumn term 1 (2019-20): Autumn term is settling in time for reception classes and as you can see they are having lots of fun with their new friends. From learning how to spread their own butter and toppings to playing house. Happy children just chilling in our club after a long day at school.
Summer Term 2 (2018-19): Summer time is the ideal time to grow mustard cress to add to those lovely salads and sandwiches. Daily the children watered the cress and were eager each day to see how well it had grown.
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