Moorhens Activity Gallery

Summer Term 1 (2020-21): The Achieving Child works hard by adding beautiful colours and textures to make posters for our “Dance, Theatre and Musical” craft theme this term. Years 3-6 - Wicked. Mary Poppins and Matilda. Years 1& 2 - Cinderella and The Lion King. Reception classes - Puss in Boots. Children have worked so hard on these posters and have spent summer term 1 completing them. Well done everyone!
Autumn Term 2 (2020-21): The achieving child- Works hard at creating a winter snow scene by adding smaller pieces of art together to create the wider picture.
Autumn Term 2 (2020-21): The children have been learning about friendships and what that means to each other. The Moor Hall Child is the responsible child, who works hard to prevent all kinds of bullying and strives for inclusivity and equality.
Spring Term 1 (2020-21): As this was a short term for Moorhens we decided to swap the spring/summer craft activities around. This term our theme was colour. Children had fun adding lots of colour to different aspects of their craft, from camouflage, swirly circles, colourful trees to beautiful rainbows. The Moor Hall child is an achieving child, who has fun whilst learning in all aspects of play.
Autumn Term 1 (2020-21): It's lovely to have the children back at Moorhens after such a long lockdown and therefore we have revisited Moor Hall School's "Golden Rules", and the children have made a lovely display for us all to see. Fallen leaves were also collected and various forms of art were made out of them and displayed on our boards.
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