The Governing Board
Thank you for visiting the governor’s web page. Feedback from parents is often that they do not know who the Governors are and what the role of the Governing Board is so this will hopefully give you a bit more information.
The Governing Board works with the Headteacher and other staff to set a strategic direction for the school. First and foremost as Governors we ensure that your children are safe and happy in a good learning environment - with buildings and equipment that help teachers teach and pupils learn.
We complement and enhance the school leadership by providing support and challenge; ensuring that all statutory duties are met; appointing the Headteacher, holding the school to account for its impact on improving outcomes for all pupils and making sure that the school is managing the funding it receives well, ensuring that good value for money is obtained and that systems are in place to account for the spending of the whole budget. We also check that parents’ views are listened to and taken into consideration in all decisions and that parents are kept informed of school issues.
The Governors also deal with formal complaints; personnel issues; finance and resources; health and safety; policies; and some disciplinary matters.

The Headteacher, who is a member of the Governing Board, makes the day to day decisions about the running of the school.

Our Governing Board comprises of 11 representatives from school staff, the community, the local authority, parents and trustees. We also appoint associate members to the Governing Board when appropriate. These are individuals who have detailed knowledge and skills to support and advise on specific issues.

The full Governing Board meets regularly, normally twice per term. We also have several committees who plan and manage the strategic school business in a designated area of responsibility. For 2015-16 there will be two committees: Finance and Resources, and Personnel. In addition individual governors take on responsibilities for key areas of school life. For this year there will be key governors to oversee assessment, the curriculum, provision for children with Special Educational Needs or Disabilities and for more able pupils, for behaviour and safety and for safeguarding.
Moor Hall School Governors 2015
All Governors can be contacted via email to Liz Pickering (Clerk of Governors).

Please mark your email FAO the Chair of Governors and Mrs Pickering will ensure that your communication is passed on. Any emails will be handled in confidence.


Type of Governor

Term of office expiry date

Mrs Pam Garrington (Chair)

Foundation Trust
Re-appointed 15/05/17


Mrs Jane Lloyd

Foundation Trust - resigned

resigned 03/04/17

Mr Andrew Steggall (Head)



Mrs Val Gregory



Mr Michael Lax



Mr James Gibson



Mrs Sue Burton



Miss Gwendda Jones

Co-opted (staff)


Mr Richard Southgate

Co-opted (parent)
Re-appointed 15/05/17


Mr Manjit Talwar

Re-appointed 15/05/17


Mr Sheraz Nazir

Co-opted - resigned

resigned 05/12/16

Mrs Jemma O’Reilly

Co-opted (parent)


Mr Stephen Jones Coopted governor
Appointed 15/05/17
resigned on 17/05/17
Ms Danielle Markham Foundation governor
Mr Matthew Moran Coopted governor

As at 17/05/17 applications from SGOSS for new Governors are being considered.


Governors have made the following declarations in relation to any interests, either direct or indirect:

Mrs Pam Garrington: Works as an independent educational consultant
Chair of Perry Beeches Academy Trust from 15/09/2016
Director of Learning Trust for Excellence (Four Oaks, Sutton Coldfield)
Mr Andrew Steggall Director of Learning Trust for Excellence (Four Oaks, Sutton Coldfield)
Mr Manjit Talwar Director of Sutton & Co. Solicitors and Sutton & Co. Opticians and Member of Chartered Institute if Management Accountants


Governors are also asked to declare any potential conflicts of interest arising from any
matters or agenda items discussed by the Governing Board and its Committees at each
meeting and this is formally recorded.
Governor Roles and Responsibilities for 2016-17

Chair: Mrs Pam Garrington
Vice-Chair:   Mr Richard Southgate

Finance and Premises Committee members
Mrs Sue Burton (Chair)
Mr Andrew Steggall
Mrs Val Gregory
Mrs Pam Garrington
Mr James Gibson
Mr Les Gwillym (BSS) and Mrs Louise Hackett (Schools Financial Business Services) also attend by invitation
Personnel Committee members
Mr Richard Southgate (Chair)
Mr Andrew Steggall
Mrs Jemma O’Reilly (as Associate member, has voting rights on this committee)
Mrs Pam Garrington


Key Governor for the curriculum:   Mr Richard Southgate
Key Governor for assessment & reporting:  Mrs Jane Lloyd
Key Governor for SEND & the more able:   Mrs Sue Burton
Key Governor for Health& Safety: Mrs Sue Burton
Key Governor for behaviour and pupil wellbeing: Mrs Pam Garrington
Key Governor for Safeguarding: Mrs Pam Garrington 

Governing Body Meetings Attendance

We publish our governor meeting attendence list here.

Governor profiles

Mrs Pam Garringtonpam_garrington I started my association with Moor Hall Primary School in September 1963 when the school opened, as I was one of the original pupils. Apart from a break when I went to University and then started out in my career as a teacher, I have lived all my life in Birmingham. My daughter spent seven very happy years at this school.
I have been a governor at Moor Hall since 1998 and it is a real privilege to currently Chair the Governing Board. We have very high aspirations and the wellbeing of the children is at the centre of all we do.
In 2012, I retired from my work as a teacher and more recently in the school improvement service of a local authority but I keep myself busy. I work for a National Charity to promote school improvement and I am also a National Leader of Governance. In this role I support other governing boards, and help them to organise and plan the next steps in their development.This is a role which I have enjoyed; it has enabled me to see many examples of excellent practice and to bring back new ideas to further develop the effectiveness of the governing board at Moor Hall.
Mr Andrew Steggall
I have been Headteacher at Moor Hall School since January 2006. I started my teaching career in Wolverhampton at Elston Hall Primary School and moved to Walsall in September 1991 to The Radley’s County Primary School as a music coordinator.
My first management post was at Meadow View Primary School as a KS2 coordinator in Walsall from September 1993 to March 2000, when I then became Deputy Headteacher at Whetstone Field Primary School.
During my headship at Moor Hall the school has moved from a Grade 3 OFSTED category in 2006 to Grade 1 (Outstanding) in 2014. I have been chair of the Four Oaks Cluster Group, represented Sutton Coldfield at Primary Forum and I am a founding director of the Four Oaks Learning Trust for Excellence.  In recent years I have provided leadership support to other schools as both an LLE (Local Leader of Education) and in August, 2015 I was successful in becoming an NLE (National Leader of Education).
I am a founder board member of the newly formed BEP (Birmingham Education Partnership).
Mrs Val Gregory
My association with Moor Hall School spans 29 years, firstly as a Parent to my two sons attending the school; as a voluntary class helper; Chair and Treasurer of the Parents’ Association; and for the last 15 years as a member of staff.
My background has always been in Finance and I am qualified in School Business Management. I have been a Support Staff Governor for more than 9 years, sitting on both the Finance and Buildings committees.
I am proud to be a Class Governor to the current Year 2, having followed the children through as their Governor since they started school in Reception Class, and they know me well. I have enjoyed educational visits with them, watching their school Christmas performances etc, and I regularly speak to the children in the dining hall over lunch. I have seen the children develop and progress well during this time.
Mrs Tracy Plimmer
I am a Parent Governor who is linked to the current year 4. I maintain my connection with the children by participating in class visits and using our website to see what they have been doing. I accompanied them to see the BBC Ten Pieces film which aims to open up the world of classical music to children.
I became a governor because I wanted to make a positive difference to the educational experience of children at our school as well getting to know my community a little better. As a parent to two children at the school I can offer my own understanding of parents' views and my skill set as a Solicitor means that I can support the school to achieve its strategic goals. I have worked with the Head Teacher to resolve a number of legal issues.
Mr James Gibson

Mr James Gibson
I was appointed early in 2015 as a Parent Governor. I have a daughter in Y3 and have had two sons at the school previously. I am a local resident and have enjoyed being actively involved in fund raising for the school through events devised and run by a successful PA.
My interest lies in using my experience to support our hard working teaching team in maintaining, developing and improving the learning environment for all of our children.   
Mrs Sue Burton

Mrs Sue Burton
I have been a Local Authority governor since 2008.
My interests outside education are gardening and sewing. I have an allotment on which I grow a lot of soft fruit and vegetables.  I am a member of Sutton Coldfield Creative Stitchers and have used my interest in sewing to work with pupils of Moor Hall in two of the school/club competitions held by the group.I have been a class governor in Key Stage 2 and last year I spent time with Ladybirds which was a delight.
I am the Key governor for Special educational Needs and Disabilities and have worked with the SENCo in school to gain a greater knowledge and understanding of the issues at Moor Hall and to offer my support and advice.
In addition I monitor Health and Safety.
Miss Gwendda Jones
I have worked at Moor Hall since 1993 with responsibility for Literacy and Early Years until I was appointed to the role of Deputy Headteacher in 2003. Before becoming a teacher I spent seven years working as a librarian in Erdington and Sutton Music Library. 
I want the children at our school to achieve the best they possibly can and leave us well prepared for the next stage of their education, with lasting, happy memories of the years spent with us.
Members of the Moor Hall Governing Body have a diverse range of interests and expertise, and I as a co-opted Governor feel very lucky to be part of the team, as they are able to bring different dimensions and viewpoints to our work to help and support us in becoming the best that we can possibly be. 
Mr Richard Southgate

Mr Richard Southgate
I am a senior manager at Lloyds Bank, Commercial Banking.  My career has provided me with a range of skills and knowledge, most notably in business development, leadership and motivation, performance management & HR.
I have 2 children, Max and Maddie, who have both attended Moor Hall and have been a Governor at the school since Max, who is now in Year 10 at Arthur Terry, was in Reception.  As well as being Vice Chair, I Chair the Personnel Committee where I am able to apply my business experience to good effect.
In my spare time, I follow sports of all kinds although I admit to being an Aston Villa fan.  I play golf regularly and swim when I can, bad back allowing.  I am an avid reader and love holidaying with my family, mainly in a tent!
Mrs Jemma O’Reilly

Mrs Jemma OReilly

I joined the Governing Body in March 2015 as an Associate Member. My daughter is in Year 3 at the school and I am the Class Governor for Ladybirds. I’ve worked for more than fifteen years as an employment lawyer. My job involves identifying and exploring options and then working creatively towards an agreed goal. Team work is key as well as communicating well even when there are obstacles to overcome. I became a governor as I wanted to use this experience, in partnership with the wider Governing body, to help the school to achieve its goals for the benefit of all of our children. 
Mrs Danielle Markham

I joined the Governing Body in July 2017 as a Foundation Governor.  It is a pleasure to learn about and assist with the effective running of the school and most importantly the learning, development and happiness of the pupils.

In my professional life, I am a Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries working in the pensions and investments industry to help companies and Trustees manage the risks associated with their schemes.  This have provided me with many skilss relevant to being a school Governor, such as the importance of financial risk management, effective decision making and clear commuication.

In my personal life, I have lived in/around Sutton Coldfield all of my life attending local schools and the University of Warwick where I studied Mathematics, Operational Research, Statistics and Economics.  I have a young daughter with another on the way.

Governor Impact statement 2015-16

This has been a very busy year for the governing Board at Moor Hall School. Effective Governance in the current educational landscape requires great commitment from every member of the Governing Board. At Moor Hall we are very privileged to have a group of governors who work tirelessly and with passion to ensure that all our children can make the most of their time here and that we can provide them with a secure basis to move forward to the next stage in their education.

We said goodbye to Tracy Plimmer whose term of office as a parent governor expired. Tracy was a very active governor and we used her skills and knowledge of legal matters to good effect. The level of commitment of parents was demonstrated when we had four applications from parents to fill the vacancy, and after an election from the parent community Mike Lax took his place on the Governing Board.

Mike has made a valuable addition to the team. He is a Senior leader in a local Secondary School and he has quickly made an impact, settling into his role as a class Governor and having a quick grasp of the pupil data on attainment and progress to enable Governors to monitor performance.

Sue Burton, our LA Governor completed her second term of office as a Governor this year. She is an invaluable member of the Governing Board. She gives up a lot of her time to come into school and has an expertise in the area of Special Needs, as well as chairing the Finance Committee and undertaking the role of health and Safety Governor, so we were delighted when the Local Authority agreed to accept her nomination for a third term of office.

All staff and Governors continue to have the very highest expectations. No-one is prepared to be complacent; we want to continue to ensure that we can provide the outstanding education that was recognised by OFSTED in January 2014.Our school strategy plan continues to focus on four areas: the achieving child, the healthy child, the confident child and the responsible child and we continuously monitor the impact of this approach. Staff are aware of these “drivers” and use the to help plan their lessons and Governors monitor the impact by making frequent visits to the school, focussed on the priorities identified in each area.

Each governor continues to be a class governor. They make visits into school and are known by the staff and the children, and they report back on their visits.

Staff have accessed training to enable them to develop a new curriculum with high ethical values which promote British values and have identified new approaches to the teaching of mathematics as well as supporting children to be reflective learners who can talk articulately about their learning.

It has been a challenging year for the staff this year to get to grips with the new national assessment system without the traditional levels and it has been more difficult for governors to understand how well the children are progressing. Standards remain high across the school, especially in SPAG and the school’s emphasis last year on Mathematics and the continual emphasis on mastery Maths had a very positive impact. Reading is an area that will need some development. Many of our children continue to exceed age related expectations. Where a few children struggle we have identified their needs and are providing appropriate interventions.

A new Co-ordinator for Special Educational Needs has been appointed this year and she has had a positive impact in working with the staff to review the SEND provision and ensure that the identified children are receiving the support they need.

Two new staff, one of whom was a newly qualified teacher joined us at the beginning of the year. They both had a very successful year and contributed a very professional attitude to the staff at Moor Hall. We also said goodbye to two fairly long serving staff. Mrs Gore, who developed our SEND provision and whose children also passed through the school, took retirement, and Mrs Collins who did much to promote Music within the school, moved on to the next stage in her career.

Our sports premium money has continued to be used to support enhancing staff confidence in delivering high quality PE lessons and increased pupil participation in sporting activities. Again this year our pupils have achieved fantastic results in inter school events such as athletics.

Pupil safety is of paramount importance to us. There is a governor who monitors safeguarding to ensure that our policies are robust and governors have attended PREVENT training.

Nurturing the talents of our children remains an important feature at Moor Hall. We continue to hold regular celebration assemblies which are well attended by parents and where the achievements in and out of school are recognised. We have music assemblies and once again our Year Six hosted a successful community tea with musical entertainment where we recognise those people in the community who have helped us. They also put on a high quality performance of the musical “Annie” at the end of the year.

Our membership as a partner school in the Learning Trust of Excellence has continued to provide us with invaluable support and opportunities for staff to access joint INSET and share best practices across the trust. Our Head teacher became a National Leader of Education this year and our chair of the Governing Board continues her role as a National Leader of Governance so that we were designated as a National support role. Our Head teacher took up a new opportunity and has become a District Lead within the Birmingham Education Partnership. In this role he visits many schools to offer them support and has the chance to see and reflect on good practice which has enabled our school to keep up to date and explore new developments.

The biggest challenge for us has been how to maintain and plan for the future in a climate where funding is an issue. For a small one form entry Primary school like ours, with low numbers of children in receipt of free school meals, low numbers of children coming from families who have been identified by the ward census as disadvantaged, and with low numbers of children with Special Educational Needs this is becoming a real challenge. We have had to constantly monitor our financial position very carefully, relook at our staffing structure and consider ways in which we can bring income into the school in order to be able to maintain the best possible provision for all children. 

In November we shared our concerns with parents, and governors have explored ways to secure our future. We have also been mindful that we are a small school and we have many more parents that apply for a place in Reception than places we can offer. We want to share our outstanding provision with more children! The Local Authority asked us to consider taking on extra children in year Three in September and then offered us the opportunity to start a consultation for a permanent expansion from September 2017. Governors had many meetings to establish what their vision for the future would look like. We agreed to take on the extra class and have now started that consultation process with parents and the local community. There are challenging and potentially changing times ahead. However we are all committed to our vision:

The Moor Hall child is a healthy, confident and responsible child whose achievement is the very best it can be.

The Moor Hall child values and nurtures key transferrable knowledge, skills and attitudes in preparation for an ever changing future

All members of the Governing Board would like to thank all the staff at Moor Hall for their hard work, dedication to their role, professionalism and integrity. We would also like to thank the local community and parents for their continual support and interest. Lastly, we must mention our biggest asset, our children, who continue to inspire us with their enthusiasm, courteous behaviour and thirst for learning. They are our best ambassadors!

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