Picture_1008'Moorhens' is the name of our before and after school club, which can accomodate up to 44 children. The ratio of adults to children is 1:8 for KS1 and 1:10 for KS2. Our current staffing levels allow us to take up to 44 children for the morning and afternoon sessions. The provision is organised by experienced and qualified staff.

The activities available at Moorhens include painting, craftwork, board games, construction games, mini snooker, table football, table tennis, use of the computers in the ICT suite, sand and water play, outdoor activities on the field and on the playground and in the secret garden when the weather is fine. There is also a quiet area for children who wish to read.

Drinks and snacks are available free of charge, and toast is also provided in the morning until 8:30 and during the first afternoon session. There is a TV available to watch and a Nintendo Wii console to play on.
There is no registration fee, and the cost (payable weekly) is £4.00 per session.

Session times are as follows:
8:00am - 8:50am
3:20pm - 4:40pm
4:40pm - 6:00pm

Payment should be made either a half term in advance at £4.00, or on a per session basis of £5.00 when not giving notice before the start of the half term. Payment is required before any bookings in the diary are made. Cheques for all fees should be made payable to "Moor Hall School".

Parents who pay half term in advance fill in a form to say what dates they need and Moorhens staff will fill in the diary for them.

Parents who wish to pay flexibly  pay a deposit of £25.00 and can telephone or e-mail their booking into the club, where Moorhens staff will write their booking into the diary for them.

Refunds: 48 hours’ notice is required for parents who are paying flexibly. Parents who pay half term in advance will not be able to have a refund on any session cancelled, unless in extenuating circumstances, such as extended periods of illness, will be considered on a case by case basis or in the case that if the school has to cancel a club due to school commitments.

Children must be delivered to the clubroom in the morning and signed in by the parent or nominated carer. The authorised collector will be required to sign children out at the end of the afternoon sessions. Please do not use the field to access the Moorhens room. For insurance purposes, once the children are signed out of the book, they become the responsibility of the parent.

Moorhens opening hours are 8:00-9:00 and 3:20-6:00, so if you wish to book any sessions, Moorhens staff will be on hand and available to help during these times.  Only unavoidable last minute bookings and cancellations should be taken by the office staff during the school day.

Moorhens ends promptly at 6:00pm (the authorised collector should be on site by 5:55pm).

Children collected after 6:00pm will be charged according to staffing costs (currently £12.00).

Children collected late regularly will be excluded with one month's notice.

We also reserve the right to exclude children if their behaviour causes concern.
Information packs and registration forms for Moorhens are available from the Moorhens staff or from the school office.
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