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Summer Term 2024

Spring Term 2 2024

Spring Term 1 2024

Autumn Term 1 2023

The children have had a fun-filled first half term and have taken part in lots of activities, including, bread making, painting and decorating pumpkins.


Children, who have been following our golden rules have received "superhero" certificates and been awarded them in front of their peers.


Congratulations to all the children who have received those certificates.


The" Moor Hall Child" The Achieving Child: Takes the opportunity to learn and understand the world around them and how it affects us all in our every day lives and how they can make a positive contribution by being, kind and helpful and by working hard in all they do.

Autumn Term 1 2023 - Grand Designs Competition

At Moorhens we entered the Grand Designs competition. Children designed their own houses and the focus was to think about the environmental and eco-friendly aspects of their build. 


At the Grand Designs Live at the NEC, Kevin McCloud discussed the children's houses in detail and chose a winner. Please visit our Twitter page, whereby you can see lots of the houses and the videos with Kevin McCloud and the winner's house.

Well done to all the children who took part.


The Moor Hall child:
The Achieving, Responsible and Confident Child
Takes the opportunity to learn about the environment around them and how we can make this better, to think responsibly and be confident in their own creative ideas.

Spring Term 1 - Planets and Outer Space

This term our topic was "Planets and Outer Space". From Early Years to year 6, all children contributed to some wonderful artwork. This was in keeping with the Moor Hall Child.


The Moor Hall Child

The Achieving Child

Takes the opportunity to learn about the world around us and beyond. How everything we do affects us in our everyday lives and how we can contribute to make our world a better place to live.

Autumn Term 2 - Birthdays and Christmas

This term our topics were Birthdays and Christmas. All children added their names and birthday dates onto cut out balloon shapes, which they then added to the wall display. They also made a house out of cardboard, to which real balloons were added above. This made the house look like it was flying in the air.


KS1 learnt about friendship and what the key to friendship means. A couple of quotes have been added by the children.


EYFS children made a lovely colourful display of winter hats and gloves. They enjoyed having fun with glitter and sequins.


The Moor Hall Child is a confident and achieving child, who learns about the world around them and includes all in their friendships and celebrations.

Autumn Term 1 - Settling in

EYFS children spent time collecting leaves before painting and printing them onto paper. This was a great social activity where children got to know one another and shared ideas and stories.


Year 1 children decorated yummy cakes and as you can see on their faces, they had a fabulous time and couldn't wait to eat them.


Year 2 Made some spectacular fireworks out of cardboard rolls to go on display. KS2 made a sea night scene for our display and added a fantastic lighthouse to shine out onto the fish trawler catching a large haul of fish

The Moor Hall Child: The Achieving and confident child works hard and loves the challenges of learning how to work with different kinds of art media