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Settling in

Autumn Term 1 (2021-22): EYFS children spent time collecting leaves before painting and printing them onto paper. This was a great social activity where children got to know one another and shared ideas and stories.


Year 1 children decorated yummy cakes and as you can see on their faces, they had a fabulous time and couldn't wait to eat them.


Year 2 Made some spectacular fireworks out of cardboard rolls to go on display. KS2 made a sea night scene for our display and added a fantastic lighthouse to shine out onto the fish trawler catching a large haul of fish

The Moor Hall Child: The Achieving and confident child works hard and loves the challenges of learning how to work with different kinds of art media

The Moor Hall Child

Summer Term 1 (2020-21): The Achieving Child works hard by adding beautiful colours and textures to make posters for our “Dance, Theatre and Musical” craft theme this term. Years 3-6 - Wicked. Mary Poppins and Matilda. Years 1& 2 - Cinderella and The Lion King. Reception classes - Puss in Boots. Children have worked so hard on these posters and have spent summer term 1 completing them. Well done everyone!