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Moor Hall Primary School

Moor Hall Primary School

A growing school with a big heart

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School Values

Our Mission Statement


At Moor Hall, we nurture healthy and confident children who can achieve their best across a broad range of subjects. We want our children to be creative, innovative individuals who will develop transferrable knowledge, skills and attitudes in preparation for an ever-changing future. The Moor Hall child will value themselves and the viewpoints of others in our diverse society - they will understand equality and strive to make a better, more peaceful world.


The Moor Hall Child


We place our vision for the Moor Hall Child at the heart of all we do.







The Achieving Child


The achieving child is a motivated, critical thinker who makes reasoned judgements in order to achieve high standards. This is achieved through discovery and engagement and skilful teaching within a stimulating environment where opportunities for success are constructed within a broad curriculum.


The Confident Child


We encourage children to express their views and involve themselves in decisions that affect their lives in school. From the very start of school, systems are designed to develop children’s independence. Children are taught to reflect on their learning, understanding that mistakes are positive learning opportunities. We have active school council and class councils.


The Responsible Child


At Moor Hall, we encourage children to discuss and debate issues, showing respect for others ideas and points of view. We expect high standards of behaviour and work hard to prevent all forms of bullying. Our curriculum is designed to support children in being thoughtful, caring and active citizens both within the school and in the wider community



The Healthy Child


A caring child who considers their well-being as well as the well-being of others. We have a wide range of opportunities to actively promote fitness. This includes lunchtime sport sessions, our outdoor gym, specialist teaching of PE and the use of our daily mile course.