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Moor Hall Primary School is a Maintained Foundation school and follows the Birmingham LA Admissions Policy. The full policy can be found here Birmingham LEA Admissions Policy

This is a summary of the Birmingham LEA Admissions Policy:

“Children must start school at the beginning of the term in which their fifth birthday falls.  However, in Birmingham, children are admitted in the September at the start of the academic year in which they will reach five years of age, or later if their parents so wish.  This means that if a child is five years of age on or after the 1st September, then he or she can be admitted to school.”
The agreed limit for admissions to our school for each year is 60 children, which is the government recommendation.
There is no catchment area for our school.   Priority will be given to children in line with the following criteria:


Moor Hall Criteria

  1. Looked after children
  2. Children with an older brother or sister who will be in attendance at the school in September 2022
  3. Children who live nearest the school

Any child with SEN is required to be admitted to the school that is named in the statement.
Parents wishing to register their interest in Moor Hall School for a future September can telephone or call into the school office, where relevant details can be taken.  We hold regular open days and will notify parents on our “Open Day” waiting list of these dates.
At the beginning of October, all parents whose children are due to start school the following September will be sent preference and covering letter from by the Local Education Authority.  Information booklets are available from primary schools and libraries.  Parents are required to apply for a place in Reception online by using the single LEA Preference Form and returning this to the LEA by the date given in December.   Proof of address is required at the time of submission of the LEA preference form.   Parents are allowed to express up to three preferences and rank them in order of preference.
The LEA compares preferences for each school against parents’ rankings. Although ranked, preferences are given equal consideration against schools’ admission criteria.  If the child meets the admission criteria for two or more schools, the school the parent ranked highest is allocated.
Letters allocating places are sent to parents by the LEA in April and parents are given three weeks to inform the school whether or not they accept the offer. Immediately following the allocation of places, waiting lists are administered by the LEA.
Parents wishing to register their children for a place in an existing class at Moor Hall School should contact the school directly for advice on whether or not a place is available. A copy of Moor Hall School Admissions Policy is available on the school website, located under Policies on the Parents page. 

For further information please see our Admissions Policy which can be found on the Policies page of our website or by clicking here.
Please also see our document "Determined Admission Arrangements" below for more information.


In Year Admissions


If you would like to make an application for your child to attend Moor Hall Primary School, you will need to download and complete the In Year Application form, which can be downloaded from the link below:


Birmingham In Year Admissions Website


The completed form should be returned to the school office by email together with your child's original birth certificate or passport and proof of your address by way of a gas/electricity within the last 3 months or your latest council tax bill.


Email for return: