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Curriculum Intent

Design and Technology (DT) is about designing and making a product to meet a need. Here at Moor Hall Primary School we aim for Design and Technology to be an inspiring and practical subject where children are encouraged to use both imagination and knowledge of existing products to support their new designs. Giving children opportunities to research, explore a range of materials, use a variety of tools and problem solve when things don’t go to plan. This subject lends itself to not only the child’s individual wants and ideas, but the consideration of others too (which is a difficult skill to master).

DT is a cross-curricular subject working hand in hand with many other subjects such as; Science, Literacy, Maths, Art, Geography and Computing in particular, allowing children to develop those other skills further by using them in a different context.

DT helps children to become discriminating and informed consumers and potential innovators. During our DT units, children are encouraged to take risks, be innovative and creative with their ideas in order to gain the skills of enterprise. Evaluating their actions, products or recipes is important and we aim to help children develop those critical thinking skills, as they work out what went well and what could be improved next time. Looking at current technologies and designs allows children to begin to understand how DT affects their daily lives, the wider world and provides an indispensable contribution to the prosperity, creativity and overall well-being of our country and our future.


DT is a subject that heavily lends itself to the vision of our Moor Hall Child: Design and Technology enables children to be;

Confident; with trying new ideas, being creative and using their imagination to turn an idea into a product and being resilient when things go wrong.

Responsible; with risk taking, using tools safely and correctly, researching using the internet and books, working with others develops mutual respect for the differing opinions, beliefs and abilities of others.

Achieving; creating a product from an idea, researching existing products and evaluating their finished creation and working as a team in a democratic way, exercising the ‘give and take’ required for success.

Healthy child; gaining a healthy mind-set, making healthy choices when cooking/developing recipes, working with others as a team or pair, understanding and beginning to be critical thinkers for the future.


The Moor Hall Primary School Design and Technology curriculum aims to ensure that all pupils;

  • Learn the fundamental skills which are essential to DT and achieve the vision of the Moor Hall child.
  • Take part in investigative activities that support children with exploring and learning about a range of existing products and find out how DT has had impact in the wider world.
  • Develop the creative, technical and practical skills that are needed in everyday tasks confidently and to be successful in an increasingly technological world.
  • Focussed lessons where children are taught technical knowledge, designing and making skills which are needed in everyday tasks.
  • Design, make and evaluate projects each year with a purpose in mind.



Moor Hall children enjoy DT sessions. It gives them an excitement for learning and they can create their own products using technical skills using the resources available. The children at Moor Hall take pride in their products whether this be creating a ‘Fire Engine’ in Year 1 or creating a lavish ‘Community Tea’ for invited guests in Year 6. We offer an opportunity for children to engage with existing products, a chance to design and test, to learn new skills and use a variety of resources. This also offers the opportunity for children to appreciate and evaluate the products they have made themselves. Design and Technology has inspired the world we live in today therefore we aim to stimulate our young minds here at Moor Hall, to think outside the box and develop their inventive imagination in order to prepare them for their future as an adult.