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Science Intent


Our vision at Moor Hall Primary School is to afford children a science curriculum which fosters their innate desire to find out information and understand the wonderful world in which they live. Newton famously quoted that, “If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulder of giants!”. Scientists build on the foundations established by the scientists who came before them and our children need to understand this if we want to inspire them to see themselves as future scientists, inventors, engineers, or mathematicians. At Moor Hall, we aim to provide meaningful and exciting learning opportunities which resonate with children’s prior knowledge and experiences from home, family, and social contexts.  


Science is a human endeavour and anyone from any walk of life can contribute to and be successful in. Throughout our curriculum, our intention is to celebrate and acknowledge the diverse job roles in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) sectors as well significant individuals who have come from so many different backgrounds, and who have taken lots of different pathways into their career. By introducing different STEM careers and individuals from all walks of life, we hope to inspire our young learners to think differently about what is means to be a scientist and foster their willingness to discover and develop those transferrable skills which are vital to fulfilling any future STEM role or career.  

Our goal is to create an environment which fosters creativity, critical thinking and motivates all children to be curious. This involves teachers encouraging children to ask questions, respond to their interests, challenge perceptions and guide children to become the facilitators or their learning, where they are in control of practical investigation that motivate and foster a love of learning.