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Moor Hall Primary School

Moor Hall Primary School

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Late/Absence Procedures

Late Arrival to School


Children should all arrive at school between 8.40am and 8.50am. The registration in class is active between 8.50am and 8.55am. Senior staff will close the school gates at 8.50am.


If your child arrives after 8.50am, they should be taken to the main school office by the adult dropping them off. You will be asked for the reason for being late, they will be marked late and then sent to their class. Please ensure that your child arrives at school on time. If your child is persistently late a call will be made by a member of our pastoral team.


Reporting Absence


If your child is unable to attend school you must inform us. This can be done by phoning the main school office. You can leave a message on the answerphone giving your child's name, their class and the reason for their absence.