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Art Curriculum Intent  


At Moor Hall Primary School, we believe that creativity is a key component of developing the Moor Hall Child. Our school intends to develop an understanding of culture and a celebration of diversity. We want to support children in developing a deep appreciation of the world we live in. We believe the arts curriculum provides significant opportunity for us to implement our vision.


Our art curriculum is organised as part of an integrated approach to learning. This approach enables art activities to be linked to other curriculum areas which enriches children’s learning and enables them to communicate and develop their thoughts and ideas in creative ways. Art provides children with a way of thinking visually and communicating visually. The importance of visual language and understanding is continually developed and extended through discussion opportunities where children are given the opportunity to notice, question, interact and respond to their own work as well as the work of others. As a school we strive to provide creative and enriching learning experiences for all pupils. Throughout their time at Moor Hall, children will take a creative journey exploring materials, ideas, tools and techniques where they can take artistic risks and are given the opportunity to trust their own intentions. We believe all children should reach their full potential, recognising and celebrating the personal achievements of themselves and others; both within school and the wider community.