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Physical Education is a necessity in primary schools as it contributes to total growth and development of the child. At Moor Hall Primary School the curriculum for Physical Education is vital in enabling all of our children to become healthy and confident as part of our values for the ‘Moor Hall child’. We believe that PE is crucial in the physical, emotional, social and intellectual development of our children. Our vision is to enable children to achieve their true potential in a happy and safe environment. With this vision and positive participation in physical education our children will be able to build self-esteem, teamwork and positive attitudes in PE and across the curriculum.  


With our broad and engaging curriculum we aim to: 

  • Educate children to improve health and well-being 

  • Develop confidence, skills and knowledge 

  • Promote fair play and respect 

  • Engage in competitive sports and activities 

  • Offer quality after school opportunities  



All of our children are provided with at least two hours of exciting, engaging and active PE lessons each week. In addition to this we aim to keep our children active for a further 30 minutes each day to ensure our children are active and healthy. We actively encourage our children to live a healthy lifestyle.  As Physical Education is an essential part of our school curriculum it covers a wide range of activities. Throughout the curriculum, there is a focus of fundamental skills that are applicable to all sports and activities, these include running, catching, throwing, travel, balance and sequencing. Other activities include indoor and outdoor athletics, cross country, dance, gymnastics, multi-skills, invasion games - including hockey, cricket, football, tennis, netball and tag rugby.  

Whilst we monitor and assess the children throughout the school we can measure the impact and progress of the quality and provision within our school this will then lead to overall whole school improvement. With this in place we shall learn together and achieve together.  


We hope that when children leave Moor Hall they will of learnt the importance of an active lifestyle, self-expression and self-confidence. We hope that they will appreciate fair play, honest competition and good sporting behaviour. As well as this we hope that our vision for PE will of embedded and contributed to the development of a range of cognitive skills such as decision making and analysis, and social skills such as teamwork and communication. At Moor Hall Primary School we help our children to develop into healthy, confident, responsible, well rounded and achieving individuals.